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Remington wildlife art calendars

31 Aug 2017 8:46 AM | Anonymous

We will once again be selling Remington Wildlife Art Calendars with the Federation’s name, website, etc. on them.  This has been a decent fundraiser in the past, but the last two years we have sold fewer than previously.  We used to sell over 300.  We’d like to see those kinds of numbers again if possible.  I’ve placed an earlybird order for 100, which is their minimum order, which SHOULD arrive in time for the Sept. 14th meeting in Springville.  The 100 will obviously go to the first 100 orders I receive.  I will take orders until the Oct. 12 meeting at Hawkeye and then submit the final order the next day, so the second set of calendars will be available at the Nov. meeting.  The calendars will once again be $4, with $1 going to the Joe Jemiolo Youth Lifetime License Fund.  The best way to order is probably through email, and then I can respond and let you know if you’re one of the first 100 calendars.

                Thanks for all your support,

                Chuck Godfrey


Ps – Please try to remember to order the calendars before the Oct. meeting.  Every year we have a couple of clubs, not necessarily the same ones, who ask about getting calendars after I’ve placed the second order, and then there aren’t enough to order to meet their minimum so they don’t get them.

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